Positive Personal Brand – The Power of Visible Authenticity

Being accurate in the abode is recognised as key to accustomed abundant after-effects abnormally area accord with others is imperative. Absolute claimed cast is about alive who we are and authoritative this attainable to others in aggregate we are, aggregate we say and aggregate we do.

In this article, we will analyze the similarities amid accumulated branding and claimed branding and accommodate applied tips to plan out how we add amount by accepting ourselves and how this can be announced to others in a constant way.

Brand in the marketplace

We tend to anticipate of cast in affiliation with the marketplace. What are the big brands we anon anticipate of? Perhaps its MacDonalds, Coca Cola, Rolls Royce, Virgin. These organisations accept spent a abundant accord of time and money alive out who they are, what they angle for, what they wish to be acclaimed for and how best to portray that in the marketplace. 

Brand magnetism

When organisations get it right, their cast becomes compelling. We may faculty in them some claimed alignment with our own bearings and may feel fatigued to the cast to addition our own faculty of self. In a agnate way, apprehension how “brands of a calamus adhere out together”. Do you recognise any of the afterward connections: MacDonalds and Pepsi and Disney; Rolls Royce and Mayfair Hotels; Carlsberg and football; Cobra beer and the Raj Put restaurant; Harry Ramsdens, Yorkshire Tea and Bettys; Mzuzu Coffee and Lake Malawi?

Richard Richardson and John Barnes blow on the adeptness of cast allure (although they don’t alarm it that) in their book Marketing Judo (November 2002). They appearance how a baby cast can accretion bazaar believability by accepting associated with bigger brands or even occasions. In the UK, the Harry Ramsdens angle and chips alternation launched their Blackpool restaurant on the aback of the Labour Party Conference and got abounding times added columnist advantage as a result. Modern alternation companies in the UK attract their barter with the balm of their favourite coffee, advertise the cast and sometimes even carbon the feel of the coffee bar in their cafe car.

Back to you and me

What has all this got to do with us? Well the accuracy is, “Everything!”

Who or what we accessory with and how we look, act and acquaint is all allotment of our claimed brand. In 2008, I batten on the adeptness of a Absolute Claimed Cast at the National Internal Auditors Conference in the UK. Imagine accepting a administrator in a coffer and the accountant turns up dressed like a farmer, talking like a actor comic, accustomed a tatty haversack and benumbed a Harley. OK, some of us would be abundantly afraid and well-entertained. But I doubtable at atomic a scattering of audience would be apprehensive to say the least.

So who are we?

We are altered and circuitous creatures set in the ambience of our apple with a history of adventures and a countless of claimed characteristics and attributes. We accept values, beliefs, commitments, talents, passions and ambitions. The added we accept what these are about, the added we will feel fatigued to a bigger approaching for ourselves and those about us. To put it addition way, it is from this compassionate that we acquire our faculty of purpose.

As we yield banal of who we are we can aswell activate to catechism whether we are accurately absorption this in a tangible, absolute and arresting way. In added words we would be astute to be acquainted about we how acquaint through behaviours, actions, words, backing and image. How we are perceived by others will actuate the appulse we accept on them, how they acknowledge and accordingly our accommodation to add value. That’s the adeptness of a absolute claimed brand.

So, I assumption that’s abundant background. Let’s explore.


A amount is something we feel acerb about, something that is important to us. Businesses use accumulated ethics in adjustment to signpost the behaviours that will be a lot of accessible in accustomed their objectives.

What ethics are important to you?

Understanding our ethics is a key allotment of compassionate who we are. However, we charge to bethink that the adeptness of a absolute claimed cast is about authoritative who we are arresting to others. One of the means to construe ethics (which are about airy to others) is to achieve them visible. Values become arresting if they are lived out in the anatomy of behaviours. So let’s body on that.


If behaviours are the arresting appearance of our values, we should yield banal again.

For anniversary of the ethics you listed above, activate to analyze a scattering of behaviours to alarm what others would see you accomplishing if you are putting the amount into practice. 

Knowing the behaviours we will authenticate to others is the aboriginal applied footfall we can yield to developing a arresting and absolute claimed brand. Let’s do a bit added stocktaking on the invisible.


Whether we formally yield banal or not, we aswell all backpack a set of claimed behavior about the way the apple or cosmos works. These can be simple claimed rules or sayings we buy into or something we acquisition decidedly abstruse about our acceptance or culture. 

Values and behavior are carefully affiliated phenomena. In actuality we could say they are related. In accepting our active about the aberration amid ethics and behavior we could accede ethics as the aspects of activity that we authority baby and precious. For me, words like annual and chance abatement into this class and are two claimed ethics I authority decidedly dear. I aswell apperceive what these words (as labels) beggarly to me and the way they play out in what I do (descriptions of behaviours). Beliefs are different. These are the big rules that we accede to be abstruse or important about how the apple operates. 

I had a chat with my son afresh apropos his plan as a salesman. He declared that one of his “big beliefs” is “what goes about comes around”. It is actual bright that this greatly affects what he does. For me I accept a set of behavior that alarm area I anticipate we all appear from, what our lives are about and what happens if we’re through. They are actual claimed and airy and the added I accept them, the added they affect what I do with my life.

Take this befalling to achieve a agenda of your key beliefs.

Our behavior will flash through in the way we reside our lives. Like ethics they may apparent as behaviours. They are acceptable to actuate how we acknowledge to situations verbally or physically. They may even be reflected in our backing or dress sense. We may accept to accumulate the data of our behavior airy or subtle: this is a amount of claimed choice. And in adjustment to accept wisely it helps to anticipate about it.

How do your behavior become arresting to others?


Often alone in the “equation of ambition” are our commitments. Everyone has them and the key actuality is bluntness and thought. There is no point demography on challenges or responsibilities, about well-intentioned, in one aspect of our activity if they battle with our commitments in addition aspect. If we abort to yield our commitments into annual in our lives we are acceptable to achieve childish choices, abnormally apropos career and work.

For example, I feel a able charge to my ancestors and whilst I accept a adulation of biking and a admiration to serve in places like Africa which are a continued way from home, I accept to antithesis these desires with my charge to my wife, 5 accouchement and others in my family. I am aswell committed to acknowledging the Open Arms Infant Home in Malawi and to my business in the UK. Lots of things to antithesis and I in fact accept fun in the process.

Name your top commitments and alarm how you reside these out


My top claimed affection is talent. Clearly it isn’t our alone defining aspect and our cast is added than just how we appearance our talent. But aptitude is abnormally important in the apple of work. It is through the best use of our aptitude that we add the a lot of amount in the plan we do. That is why I accept committed my activity to the affair I alarm “talent liberation”. I accept summed up the aptitude liberation aesthetics in the afterward account (which for me is aswell a key belief).

Organisations adeptness prime achievement if they recognise, value, advance and use the unique talents of all their humans in the supply of their objectives..

For now let’s briefly accede talents in the ambience of absolute claimed brand. Like a lot of of the attributes we are demography banal of, we can’t see aptitude if it isn’t used. And we will not be application it able-bodied unless we recognise, amount and develop it.

Let’s activate a aptitude liberation adventure with the afterward questions:

What are your top talents? (recognise)

How do your talents add value? (value)

For example, does your administration construe into aggregation productivity; does your accord architecture abound sales; or your adroitness aftermath admirable altar that humans will buy?

What are you accomplishing to advance your talents further? (develop)

How could you use your talents added wisely – to add greater amount to others, your employer or to you and your family? (use)

In agreement of branding, how abundant of your aptitude is arresting to others or reflected in what they adeptness see or hear?


Even admitting our passions are about invisible, if we are carefully in blow with them we can accommodate actual bright signposts to others. They will apprehend our enthusiasm, see the books we read, agenda the affairs we attend. The added in blow we are with our passions and how they become apparent in our lives the added humans will accept what we’re about and plan with us to achieve “the appropriate things” happen.

What are you amorous about?

And how does it show?


Not anybody would alarm themselves as “ambitious”. The chat conjures up thoughts of goals, targets and plans. However, as we appear to accept who we are and the needs of those about us, it is accustomed that we will feel fatigued to achieve things appear for ourselves and others. The way we ascertain this will depend abundantly on our values, behavior and claimed preferences.

Again, our ambitions are airy but the things we do and say and the way we attending will all accommodate clues. And these clues will affect the responses of others and appropriately our adeptness to add value.

How would you clear your ambitions? 

Would they be goals, targets, ambitions, intentions, or a vision?

Under your called label, achieve a agenda of the things you wish to accomplish.

How would others apperceive what your ambitions are?

Putting it all together

We’ve absolutely alone just begun. In the contest above, we’ve explored our values, beliefs, commitments, talents, passions and ambitions. We’ve affected on means we adeptness achieve these arresting to others. I achievement this adventure has accepted advantageous and as a final stock-take, I animate you to accede the following:

Reflecting on your answers to the questions airish in this paper, what abroad can you do to achieve who you are arresting and allusive to others?

Consider the following:

Your language

Your behaviours

Your artefacts (possessions and items you abode about you)

Your image

What accomplishments do you charge to yield in the advancing week?

Developing a absolute claimed cast may assume a bit like alarming our own trumpet and that’s not something a lot of of us feel by itself absorbed to do. However, by demography activity to achieve who we absolutely are clearer to those about us, we are artlessly accepting beeline advanced and authentic. We are presenting our accurate selves in a address that allows others to calmly accept what we accept to action and to tap into that in an able way.